Wings CRS action team mobile medical mission.

January 13, 2019 - Wings announces the launch of its second primary mission.

Wings CRS is announcing the launch of its second primary mission, an ongoing medical mission tasked to create multiple medical "Action Teams" who will bring their mobile medical clinics to visit communities around our world in need of health care for its indigent population.  

January 25, 2019 - Wings announces the formation of the Wings CRS Medical Foundation.

In the continuing early development of our ongoing medical mission, Wings CRS has officially formed Wings CRS Medical Foundation Inc. who's board of directors will manage the medical arm of Wings CRS medical missions, and attract corporate partners for the mutual support of this important life-changing work.


March 3, 2019- Wings CRS forms its first Empathy team.

The Empathy team is an active think-tank comprised of Wings CRS team members from diverse professional management backgrounds, who are made up of both immigrants and non-immigrants, who's tasked with looking at the total data, climate, political, religious and ethic issues, and result in creating high level empathy solutions for active crises or for populations at risk. These solutions will be presented to governments and aid partners in an effort to create stable security for all affected people.

Several more think tanks to be positioned around the world are in the planning stages to provide more solutions and more impact. 


May 1, 2019 - Wings CRS appoints Jill Rose as its Chief Compliance Officer

We are proud to announce that Jill Rose has accepted the role of Chief Compliance Officer.  Jill comes to Wings CRS with several decades of professional experience in finance and operations compliance for several major insurance corporations and hospitals.  Jill previously served as our Senior Medical Operations Administrator and served as one our co-leaders in our Empathy Think Tank. Most of all Jill is  recognized among our members for her passionate servant-leadership and commitment to serving others with both excellence and integrity.