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Catastrophes do occur daily

When major catastrophic events do strike, the world's attention gravitates to the tragedy unfolding through the media outlets. But the harsh reality is there is an ongoing catastrophe which goes widely unnoticed every day for billions of lives who have little to no access to affordable healthcare. As a result more deaths occur than in all the catastrophes brought on by storms, droughts and earthquakes.  Many  medical groups actively bring care to thousands around the world each year but much more attention needs to be given to this ongoing catastrophe.


Answering this need

The Wings CRS Medical Foundation answers this need by organizing organizing mobile medical missions focused on responding to the desperate need of medical care for impoverished communities around the world.  This medical mission coupled with our educational mission will provide job skills training brings a two-fold approach to increase wellness and self-sustainability producing healthy, thriving communities were there may have been none before.   


Our First Missions

 Our first ongoing missions will bring a foundation nonprofit mobile clinic throughout 40 plus counties in South Texas and the panhandle of West Texas where there is a vast indigent population who are in real need of wellness care.  Simultaneously we are now laying the groundwork to expand our medical mission into the Asia Pacific region potentially caring for thousands of people.

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