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 At Wings CRS we are purpose-driven, building a servant-leader culture so strong, and so inherit within each and every member, who instinctively cares for the person to their left and to their right, and lives a life fulfilled and empowered as an integral part of a thriving family, creating a real difference in the lives of others around the world.


THE SPARTAN SPIRIT within Wings CRS culture

Spartan culture

The Wings Spartan - A model of integrity, courage and servant leadership, born to save lives.

Wings CRS refers to its employees and volunteers as SPARTANS, to instill a spirit of virtues practiced long ago by inhabitants of SPARTA, the ancient Greek city state. The word “SPARTAN”, which has come to mean “disciplined” was derived from the Spartans devotion to a regimented life, integrity and focus on their mission.

Today we at Wings CRS esteem to incorporate the SPARTAN way of life into our way of life, living as a person of great focus, passion, courage, integrity and discipline. We aspire to be a group of strict and highly disciplined professionals dedicated to be known for our single purpose to go beyond all expectations in saving lives and bringing comfort to others during their most vulnerable times of suffering.

A Spartan’s most valued honor was to die in battle. In Wings CRS our highest honor is to live serving others, caring for others, and caring for our own team. 

In ancient Sparta, strength and honor was admired. Wings CRS sees its members as a greater force than any one individual, saving humanity, respecting the dignity of others, preserving lives, being loyal to the mission and trust worthy member of the team all which is brings exemplary value to the team. 

As a Wings CRS team member, we encourage our individual members to seek physical fitness, great fortitude, courage, spirituality, and live out an exemplary life which goes beyond what is expected of us as individuals, for our endurance will be tested at every point of our mission, moving forward with some pain, but without disharmony. We as Spartans will always faithfully carry out our mission, with all these traits that are greatly esteemed. 

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