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What is one life worth ?

What is one life worth ?

What is one life worth ?What is one life worth ?What is one life worth ?

Rapid Response - Recovery - Resilience

About Us


 " With empathy, we choose to build this rapid-response mission to save lives and do the other works for humanity's cause, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because this goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, and all that is pure and good within the human spirit, because this challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and with our faith, our determination, our sacrifice, and God's help, will win! Say something interesting about your business here.

In their desperate hour of need we will be there...

Wings CRS is answering the question, "what is one life worth?" by currently developing the world's first privatized, self-sustainable, politically neutral, rapid-response, strategically positioned to respond to any catastrophe world-wide within 6 crucial hours. 

The fact is fatalities are not always the immediate result of a catastrophic event, but in most cases are the result of shock, dehydration and hypothermia if not responded to within the first 72 critical hours! Most legacy and military responses are unable to gear up much less arrive within 72 hours. Many non-profits must raise funds and charter transportation before they can respond, and as a tragic result, too many lives are unnecessarily lost. All this considered with a rising increase in the frequency and intensity of disasters around our world, the need for a formidable rapid-response is now for those in their hour of desperate need. Our world needs Wings!   

3 missions : 1 goal ... To save more lives!

What is one life worth

Our primary mission is to save lives within our 6 hour mandate, performed by amply equipped, highly trained and experienced rapid-response teams, transported by our own ready fleet of aircraft, strategically positioned at four regional response centers located around the world. 

Fortunately large scale disasters do not strike every day, but tragically diseases, poor health conditions, and the lack of adequate medical aid create another type of ongoing disasters which thrive within impoverished communities around our world. To answer this call, our secondary mission will rotate our response teams monthly to provide needed medical care to these affected communities around our world, and simultaneously teach life-skills, providing a winning combination for building self-sustaining communities.

Our third mission third focuses on the fact that we cannot always stop nature's wrath, but we can prevent disasters from creating needless peril. To respond, Wings CRS will provide through preemptive engineered solutions to  build community resiliency, preventing casualties and loss of property as well as research and develop new tools to improve disaster mitigation.

Our Core Values

Wings Sikorsky UH60 search and rescue helicopter catastrophe rapid response

We value life!  

We are called to be the stewards of God's most precious gift: LIFE!  Therefore we affirm and reverence the sanctity of all life and we will do no harm. We will protect all life at all costs!

We are our brothers keeper!  

We are responsible unto God for each other's welfare regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, politics. When our brothers and sisters are in peril, it is not only our moral responsibility to rescue and care for them, it is our highest passion!

We choose to invest in life!  

We make the necessary investments that others say is too impossible to do, so that we can save more lives. We are committed to invest in rapid response, recovery and resiliency...We are Wings CRS!

We are committed to integrity and to the principles of Kaizen 

We remain never satisfied with status quo when it involves saving lives, improving methods and strategies create a more secure world for all.

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